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A Green Cookbook
Deborah Richmond



Finally a Green Cookbook to help everyone with their Health and Wellness.

In this Green Cookbook, I wish to promote healthy awareness and provide the necessary means for one to accomplish their goals.

I offer a practical approach through this Green Cookbook for your environmental wellness for living well; disease management, mineralized oxygenated alkaline water, prevention treatments, energy balancing, dietary suggestions, nutritional supplements, elimination detox of blood, bowel, kidney and liver, and ion cleansing is a dandy way to detoxify. I also provide referrals to other health professionals.

I use treatment according to my ability and judgement, to benefit the sick and never do harm to anyone. I keep pure and holy both my life and my art. I do not use synthetic remedies and invasive treatments. My Green Cookbook suggests that sometimes you just have to take what Nature gives you. I honour the principles of Natural Healing, (to be Living Dande), recognizing that the human being is and should be considered as body, mind, spirit and soul.

When learning to eat from my Green Cookbook, you find your body will run better for having absorbed all the micro nutrients, therefore, you feel better. "You haven't got anything if you don't have your health", as my Grandpa used to say.

"Helping Ontarians with their health care for over 32 years."

This Green Cookbook/web site and its recommendations are not designed to replace a professional medical diagnosis and treatment. It is the sole intent of the owner/author to offer knowledge of a general nature and to create an understanding.

Deborah L. Richmond
Living Dande - A Green Cookbook
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